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Can We Talk? Cards are perfect for times when you need a little help starting a conversation. With multiple editions to choose from, each deck contains 50 questions that can spark an endless amount of fun, engagement, and better connections.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Small Talk!

  • Great way to start conversations!

    "I love these cards! So helpful to start conversations when you don't know what to say. We use them as part of our family dinners and it helps us better parents we enjoy using the cards to facilitate more conversations."

  • Small talk is over, real talk is here.

    "I used these on a new job to get to know my coworkers. Without me saying anything, people would walk into the office, pick up a card and start answering the questions. Just like that, I was having REAL conversations..."

  • Outstanding form of communication!

    "I received my Can We Talk? Couples cards this weekend and the hubby and I used them right away and PHEWWW they were powerful. They absolutely generated conversations that we never had before after 12 years of marriage!"

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The Social Edition

Perfect for whenever the occasion calls for you to be social, whether it's at a networking event, over dinner with friends, or as engagement prompts for social media.

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The Couples Edition

Whether you are going on a first date or your fifteenth year together, use these cards to get to know each other in new and interesting ways.

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The Kids Edition

They grow up so fast and with the busyness of life, it's easy to miss the small moments. These cards will help you stay in touch with them as they grow!

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The Office Edition

Use these as an activity to increase engagement during meetings, as a workshop ice breaker, or as a fun and simple way to learn more about your team!

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The Womanhood Edition

Designed to help you unpack the journey that womanhood is, and have some fun while you connect with the women closest to you.

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Can We Talk? Cards

Learn to ask better questions!

Can We Talk? Cards make the jobs of coaches, therapists, teachers, speakers, parents, couples, managers, executives, and team leaders so much easier! They're helpful, handy, and make excellent gifts for any occasion.

  • Wish you knew what to say when you meet new people?

  • Want to build deeper connections with the people around you?

  • Are you on the hunt for easy ice breaker activities?