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Words Well Said, LLC

Can We Talk? Cards, Social Edition

Can We Talk? Cards, Social Edition

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These cards are perfect for whenever the occasion calls for you to be social, whether it is as a networking event, over dinner with friends, or as an engagement prompts for social media. The questions in this deck range from simple, lighthearted topics, to some that take a little more thought to answer.

  • EXCELLENT FOR INTROVERTS. Preserve your energy at events and gatherings by asking thoughtful questions.
  • AWESOME FOR EXTROVERTS. Become a better listener by asking questions to talk less and show your interest in other people.
  • PERFECT ICE-BREAKER ACTIVITY. Take on the go for professional events, workshops, social gatherings, road trips, workshops, training, and more!
  • GREAT FOR PROFESSIONALS. Coaches, therapists, teachers, speakers, executives, and anyone else looking to build connections through conversation.
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