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Words Well Said, LLC

Can We Talk? Cards, Office Edition

Can We Talk? Cards, Office Edition

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Use these as an activity to increase engagement during meetings, as a workshop icebreaker, or as a fun and simple way to learn more about your team! These cards provide an easy way to interact with your team members and can help foster and improve the level of camaraderie you experience as a group. Have fun, be open and respectful, and you might be surprised by the interesting things you might learn from the people around you!

  • TEAM MEETINGS. Start your team, staff, or one on one meetings in a fresh way.
  • NETWORKING EVENTS. Take the guesswork out of small talk when you meet new people with a deck of cards.
  • ICE-BREAKER ACTIVITY FOR WORK. Use the questions as an icebreaker at the start of workshops and training.
  • OFFICE PARTIES. Have a little fun for once at the company office party and strike up some interesting dialogue with this deck; they also make great gifts for your co-workers.
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