Why is Communicating So Hard?

Why is Communicating So Hard?

Communication is the key to success.

We’ve heard this said more times than we can count.

And while it’s true, we’d like to take it step further and ask, what are the doors that it unlocks?

For us at Words Well Said, it’s the door to satisfaction and enjoyment behind the big three doors of life, love, and business.

The reason why communicating is hard and many folks have a hard time getting it right, is because…what does it even mean to communicate effectively?

We all have a different understanding of what it means, which is often shaped by examples from the people who raised us (good or bad communication behaviors), or plain old trial and error. So when we enter relationships with others, be it personally or professionally, those differences in understanding and application collide. Finding harmony within those collisions is why communication can be so hard.

Even fewer of us ever make an intentional effort to learn how to communicate effectively. We blindly move through our lives never being held accountable for our poor communication skills…at least until it costs us something.

That’s part of why Can We Talk? Cards exist. As a communication expert, our founder wanted a way to give people tools to build their communication skills. It’s kind of like weightlifting. You have to shred the muscle, first, and rebuild it with repetition. 

Pretend that every question in each deck is like a tiny bicep curl. It’s an attempt to get better at communicating, which we believe comes by learning how to ask thoughtful questions and being a good listener.

Will it work overnight? No. Will it require you to come out of your comfort zone a time or two? Definitely. Will that effort be absolutely worth it? Indeed.

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