How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Communicate

How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Communicate

Picture it…March 2020.

Rumors of a terrible virus making its way across the globe were swirling around our heads, newsfeeds, and timelines.

Those rumors turned into whispers, and those whispers turned into a roar.

Before we knew it, everything about our lives had changed. We were at home, locked down, and holed up. Suddenly, how we went about days and subsequently, how we interacted with the people around us was different. Completely and utterly different.

We had to find new ways to fill our time. After being on Zoom calls and in virtual classrooms all day, more screen time wasn’t as attractive of an option.

Enter device-free activities, like card and board games.

Were they popular before the pandemic? Absolutely. Did their popularity grow during the pandemic? Absolutely, again (or, at least we like to think so).

With spending all of that time with the people we share physical space with, like partners, kids, parents, relatives, roommates, and so on, we had to go beyond asking, “How was your day?” We knew the answer already because we were sitting right next to them as their days unfolded.

Question-based card decks were a great solution to this simple problem of how to connect with other people, when suddenly connection was at the forefront of our lives. In the time since then, connection remains at the center of discussions about the human experience and the impact the pandemic had on us all.

Here at Words Well Said, our work is focused on helping organizations figure out how to foster a deeper sense of connection across their teams, with hybrid and remote work being a sticking trend. With Can We Talk? Cards, we help individuals do the same. No matter what the state of the world is in, our mission is consistent: to help people build connection through conversation.

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